Warranty Information


All parts we provide in our services come with warranty. Coverage length ranges from 1 month to limited lifetime depending on the manufacturer. Email us at info@StrikeAS.com for exact part warranty length. 

For any parts covered by warranty you are responsible for paying the labor for installing the part.


All our services labor is warranted for 30 days  from the day of service. 

Contact us via email at warranty@StrikeAS.com for any warranty service request. Once we confirm part or service requested is covered by our warranty we will schedule an inspection which you are responsible to pay for the 1 hour labor inspection. The 1 hour labor fee covers our technicians time incase part or service in question turns out to be functioning correctly. If part or technicians craftsmanship is found to be at fault, we will refund the inspection fee in full & the warranty will cover repair by our technicians.

All parts and labor warranty is voided if tampered, has visible damages or outside warranty time period. All warranty work must be accompanied by original invoice & must be approved via inspection performed by our technicians.